From the memory of history and the country’s names

Written by Dr. Ashraf Almohandes
The reason for naming Damascus
Damascus is mentioned in the document (the city of Ebla) dated back to 2000 BC, in the name of Damaski, as mentioned more than once in the ancient Pharaonic texts, including: Tuthmosis the Third, dating back to the fifteenth century before Damascus was then named Timsak, and in the letters of Tal al-Amarna, it was called “Timashki”. Damascus has named many different names with the succession of civilizations. In the Assyrian era, for example, it was called Damasca. The Aramaeans named the city as Dimashko, Darmisak, or Darmisic, according to some Aramaic texts. The meaning of these names is the land of watering, , Or limestone land as well. In the Antiquite era, the Latin language was used. The name of the city became Damascene. In the period of the Islamic conquests of Damascus, Damascus was famous for many names, such as Damascus Al Sham to differentiate it from the city of Damascus Al-Arab in Andalusia then, In its buildings, and the door of the Kaaba; for it is on the road of Mecca, and Al-Fayha also; for its breadth and good smell, also called Bjlak, and the citadel of the Levant, and the Muslim Fustat, also called Sham. It is worth mentioning that there is no decisive determination of the origin of the name of Damascus by that name; some refer to the origin of the word in Arabic, the word Damascus means (if it is faster), and it is said that the people of the city (Damascus), that is, they quickly built it, The word Damascus comes back to Syriac, or Latin, where the word Dumasks, derived from the word Damascus, means musk or good smell, while others are likely to be named after the Greek leader Damas, who founded the city, while others go further; they believe that the word Damascus is taken From the name of one of the descendants of the Prophet Noah (Damash S)

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