حدث فى مثل هذا اليوم 4يوليو

Prepared by Dr. Ashraf El Mohandes
1187 – Victory of the Muslims led by Saladin on the Crusaders in the battle of Hittin.
1636 – Providence, capital of Rhode Island.
1776 – The independence of the United States from the British Crown after a long war in which France helped them.
1810 – French troops occupy the Dutch city of Amsterdam.
1827 – New York State issues a resolution banning slavery on its territory.
1837 – Launch of the world’s first long-distance rail link between Birmingham and Liverpool in England.
1863 Mississippi surrenders in the context of the American Civil War after the Battle of Vicksburg.
1886 – Establishment of the Statue of Liberty in New York State.
1918 – Sultan Mohammad VI crowns the throne of the Ottoman Empire, succeeding his brother Mohammed V Rashad.
1944 – A group of Japanese pilots launch their first suicide attack against US naval forces near the Ao Jima area of ​​the Pacific Ocean. The attack destroyed a large number of US ships.
1946 – The Philippines gained its independence by the United States after more than 381 years of foreign colonialism. Manuel Roxas was the first President of the State after the elections held on 4 April 1946.
1953 – The opening of Voice of the Arabs in the Egyptian capital Cairo.
1979 – The release of former Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella after his arrest in 1965 following the military coup led by Defense Minister Houari Boumediene.
1982 – The kidnapping of four Iranian diplomats during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
1993 – Argentina win the Mexican Cup and win the Copa America.
1997 – The Space Finder descends on the surface of Mars.
2002 – A Boeing 707 crashed at Bangui Airport in the Central African Republic, killing 25 people.
2003 – The US military arrests a group of Turkish soldiers during the invasion of Iraq. This incident was known as Operation Capsule.
2004 –
The start of work in the Liberty Tower, which will replace the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.
The Greek national team wins their Portuguese counterpart with a goal against zero and crowns a champion of the European Cup.
2009 – The first wave of cyber attacks targeted government and financial institutions and news agencies in South Korea and the United States.
2013 – The opening of London’s Ari, the largest offshore wind farm in the world.
2015 –
After 236 years, and in commemoration of the French participation in the American Revolution, a replica of the French military ship Armion arrives at the Statue of Liberty in New York to participate in the celebrations of American Independence Day.
The Chilean football team wins the Copa America 2015 after winning the final against Argentina in penalties.
2016 – A bombing near the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah in Saudi Arabia leaves five victims, including 4 of the security forces and the terrorist himself

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